South America Adventure – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach

The Ipanema area of Rio, where we stayed, was a very walkable city.  We were greeted by scenic Copacabana, Limon, and Ipanema beaches, colorful regional dancers gyrating to a strong samba beat, and spectacular vistas seen from Corcovada (with its monumental statue) and Sugarloaf Mountain (with their spirited Sagui Monkeys). We tasted the barbeque and Aaron even had time to try out for the Brazilian national futbol team. He’s still waiting to hear from them.
A side trip to Petropolis, the cooler mountainous pink summer residence of Brazil’s early Portuguese monarchy, gave us insight into the lavish lives of early Brazilian royalty. To impress guests, all slaves and servants at dinner parties wore golden arm bands and luxurious attire.

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  1. Aaron R says:

    What a great photo.

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